Stardew Valley 2: Everything We Know

Everything we know about Stardew Valley 2 - Haunted Chocolatier

Die-hard fans of Stardew Valley are looking into getting more information about Stardew Valley 2, and what comes next after the original hit game. Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies all over the world on all gaming platforms and it’s no wonder that there is a lot of noise for a newer version. … Read more

What is the Best MMORPG on Steam?

Best MMORPG on Steam

You can play some of the best MMORPGs on Steam as the platform is basically a PC gamer’s one stop shop when it comes to games. There are two options to play the best MMORPG on Steam, either to play for free or purchase a game up front to play. If you want to purchase … Read more

Can you Stream Mobile Games?

Can you stream mobile games?

Yes, you can live stream mobile games. There are several apps like the Twitch app available for android and iOS users to use that allow players to stream their gaming content directly. Your gaming content can benefit your friends, family, or anyone and you can start with the most convenient tool at hand – your … Read more

How Does Virtual Reality Gaming Work?

How does virtual Reality Work

Virtual Reality (VR) has expanded into the gaming world, offering incredible immersive gaming experiences closer to reality for gamers all over the world. VR has become an exciting point of advancement not just for gamers but also for businesses that see the fantastic potential of the virtual world. You might have seen VR headsets on … Read more

What is the Best MMORPG to Play Alone?

Best MMORPG to Play Alone

You might be searching for the best MMORPG to play alone because your friends do not share your interest in online games or just because you want some solo time to explore games. As you might have known, MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game as the name suggests will have you interact with a … Read more

The Positive Possibilities of NFTs in Games

How NFTs in Games Could Be Beneficial

Most gamers are against the concept of NFTs in the games they play, and that is completely understandable. The current NFTs are nothing short of a scam that everyone jumped on to. The expensive JPGs of apes and random faces with different combinations are probably not here to stay in the long run. So what … Read more

What is the PS5 GPU Equivalent?

PS5 GPU Equivalent

Looking for a PS5 GPU equivalent to build a gaming PC that can deliver a similar experience requires top-grade hardware. The PS5 targets are 4k gaming and up to 120 fps in gaming to cater to games that have heavy graphics. PS5 is a powerful console that uses a AMD Radeon RDNA 2. There are … Read more

Is Elden Ring Coming To Switch?

Is Elden Ring coming to the Nintendo Switch? Featured Image

Elden Ring is not coming to the Nintendo Switch, at least for now as there is no news yet that the game will be made available on the console. But with Nintendo Switch’s impressive handling of open-world games, there is a possibility that Elden Ring content can become available on Nintendo Switch. You may be … Read more

Are MMORPGs a dying genre?

Are MMORPGs a dying genre? Featured Image

MMORPGs are not a dying genre, at least for now with developers still updating new content and updates for the popular ones. There are even upcoming MMORPG releases that are highly anticipated by the gaming world. Whether you’re one of the avid MMORPG fans and are worried about the possibility of all your gaming content … Read more

How Much Does a Gaming PC Cost?

How much does a Gaming PC cost - Featured Image

A gaming PC cost an average of $800 to $1200 for running games from low to medium settings. If you prefer to play high-end games on max settings then a gaming PC costs you as much as $2000 or more than that. There are two options to choose from when you decide to get a … Read more