Is An MMO Mouse Worth It?

When playing games like World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and Elder Scrolls Online you may want to get an MMO Mouse to make things easier for you in-game.

The question that MMO players ask when looking at potentially getting one is, are MMO mice worth it? Will having this make things easier for you? Will it make you better at your game?

Why Use an MMO Mouse & Who is it For?

blue MMO mouse next to a red lit keyboard

An MMO mouse is just like a normal gaming mouse with different levels of DPI for more control while playing games, except that these mouses have extra buttons that can be programmed for gaming.

Those who use these gaming mice use the thumb buttons to help them keep track of an ever-increasing list of actions and spells. These programmable buttons make them easy to access as well.

Players that use these mice are often avid MMO players and cannot imagine playing without one.

Using an MMOPRG mouse basically helps you quickly access certain skills and helps you improve skill combinations as your hand doesn’t have to move that much to use the actions and abilities that you want.

Though some don’t use them, it does come down to personal preference as if you play other games, you might not find as much use for this mouse as an MMO player would.

Benefits of an MMO Mouse

Blue mmo mouse in the dark

One of the biggest benefits of using an MMO mouse is that you can bind controls to the buttons on the side of the mouse for easy access with your thumb.

It makes it a way more comfortable and smooth experience when all you have to do is move your thumb and click a button.

An added benefit to having those mouse buttons is that an MMO mouse is way more customizable than a normal gaming mouse.

When you are not in-game, you can program the buttons to change DPI or RGB lighting if your mouse allows it.

Since MMO mice are designed with gamers in mind they are often also ergonomically designed for long gaming sessions and have design aspects like being sweat-resistant and so much more.

Negatives of an MMO Mouse

Gaming gear with a green-lit mouse

There aren’t many negatives to getting an MMO mouse if you play a lot of MMOs, however, there is one downside. MMO mice are really difficult to get used to.

There is a steep learning curve in being able to use it effectively. Remembering which button does what might be difficult for most people, although some MMO mice allow you to change the side panel to have fewer buttons. This would be great for people using the buttons for their rotations or specific macros.

If you don’t play MMOs that much, you probably won’t get any use out of owning one.

Our Recommended MMO Mice

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse is a modular gaming mouse where you can change out the side plate to have as many extra buttons as you need for any gaming situation.

As an added benefit it has RGB color lighting which can be customized, as well as that it is also a wired mouse meaning that you can just plug in and play.


Has 16000DPI Optical Sensor with dedicated DPI buttons
Has 3 interchangeable side plates that have a different amount of buttons on each, 3, 7 and 12
RGB lighting can be customized


Razer support can be slow

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is an ergonomically designed MMO mouse that is perfect for any player.

It has 12 side buttons that are fully customizable and the added benefit is that this mouse was made with MMO players in mind with its software.

This mouse also has RGB lighting that is fully customizable and since it is a wired mouse you can just plug in and play.


12 Optimizable mechanical side buttons
There are predefined profiles for common actions in MMO gaming
Has a key slider to change the position of the 12 side buttons to fit your grip


Big thumbs might accidentally push 2 buttons at once
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