Is It Possible To Use A USB Headset With Xbox One?

It’s frustrating when you find out that your new Xbox One doesn’t support your USB headset. After all, Microsoft has been touting the next-gen console as being the “all-in-one” entertainment device. So why wouldn’t it work with one of the most popular gaming accessories?

The good news is you don’t have to scrap your USB headphones just yet. It is possible to use a USB headset with Xbox One and we’ll teach you how.

How Do You Set Up A Headset On Your Xbox One?

How Do You Set Up A Headset On Your Xbox One?

You see, USB headsets are not usually supported by Microsoft because they want you to use their certified gaming headphones. Microsoft uses a special communication chip in their USB devices that allow for a better game and chat audio experience only on the Xbox.

However, some workarounds will let you use your gaming USB headset with your Xbox One. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Method 1: Use A USB Dongle or Extra Stereo Headset Adapter

Method 1: Use A USB Dongle or Extra Stereo Headset Adapter

If you have an extra stereo headset adapter or USB dongle, you can use that to connect your USB headset to the Xbox One controller.

To do this, simply plug the stereo headset adapter into the bottom of your controller and then plug your USB headset into the adapter. You’ll still need to connect the chat cable from your controller to the headset for the chat to work. So this means you’ll have to deal with a bunch of wires, but it’s still possible to use your USB headset.

If it doesn’t work on the Xbox One controller, you can even plug it straight into the Xbox one console USB port, but then you’ll need to use the Kinect for chatting since there’s no way to connect a chat cable to the console. But you can still play video games normally.

Method 2: Buy A Compatible Headset

Method 2: Buy A Compatible Headset

If you don’t have anything to convert the audio output like the Xbox One stereo adapter, your only other option is to buy a wired headset that’s compatible with the Xbox One.

Luckily, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of MS-supported options on Amazon that are relatively inexpensive but do the job just fine.

Just make sure the headset you’re buying is listed as being compatible with Xbox One. You can find this out by reading the product description or looking at the images.

We have a list of comfortable headsets on Amazon on our blog. Whether it’s Bluetooth or wireless headphones for Nintendo Switch, Xbox series, or other gaming consoles, there’s something for you.

Final Thoughts

Though the Xbox One comes with its own headset, you’re not stuck using it if you don’t want to. Besides, a lot of people have said that the headset itself is not very good. So if you want to use a headset that you know is good, you can with a little work.

Doing your research is also important because it’ll help you find a workaround that works for you instead of following a guide that might not work.

So if you want to learn more about using headsets, check out our blog posts on the best headsets for PC, streaming, or console.

Do you use a USB headset with your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below which one you use.

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