A Guide to Common Computer Problems and their Solutions

Each time you encounter a problem with your computer, you don’t have to run to the repair shop to fix the same. Sometimes, even major technical glitches can be fixed with simple workaround methods. However, finding the right fault is important. 

If you work on your computer for longer hours, it’s natural to experience functional errors. Learning the ways to fix them at home will save you time, money, and effort. Here, you will find some common computer problems that you generally face along with the solutions to fix them. 

Abnormal Keyboard Function 

The keyboard is the most utilized component of your computer, regardless of whether you are using a laptop or a desktop. More often, users find difficulty in typing properly on the keyboard as some of the keys stop working, all of a sudden. 

If you feel that the shortcut keys for copy paste not working or you are not able to open any app using shortcut keys, it’s time to replace the keypad. For a quick workaround, connect a BlueTooth keyboard to your Mac or Windows laptop and try finishing your work.  

Overheating Device

Excessive heating up of the laptop can lead to severe issues that might be hard to resolve later. So, as soon as you notice that the device is heating up abnormally, try to get to the root cause to avoid frequent system slowdowns and crashes.

When your laptop heats up, either the cooling system is not working at all or the cooling system is not able to handle the level of heat the system produces. Check if the fan is running properly and clean it to remove any dirt particles that might be interrupting the smooth functioning. 

Interrupted WiFi Connection

Wifi constantly interrupting fix

Today, we rely on the internet more than ever, regardless of the task we are doing – gaming, working remotely, or learning a new language. Nothing seems to be more annoying than the unreliable WiFi connectivity that keeps disconnecting every few seconds. 

When WiFi is not working properly, it puts a halt to productivity. To resolve the internet problem, you can restart the modem and your laptop. Additionally, reset the network devices including the modem and the router by turning them off for 20 seconds and then turning them on. 

Constantly Beeping Device

The beeps that your computer expels have a message in itself. The motherboard of your computer is smart enough to identify technical failures and hence produce different beeps to tell you what the problem could be. 

When the computer won’t start after the beep sound, troubleshooting the problem is difficult and sometimes not possible. If the computer beeps and then starts, it indicates that the RAM is out of place, and if the system keeps beeping unstoppably, it could be due to incompatible hardware. 

Unfunctional USB Ports

The ports on your laptop allow you to connect peripherals and boost your user experience. You can connect BlueTooth speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse to enjoy gameplay. Additionally, connecting additional screens will streamline your workflow. 

When the USB ports stop working, you aren’t able to connect any external device and this impacts your overall experience. It could be due to a recent software update or operating system upgrade. Try downgrading the OS to fix the problem.

Dysfunctional Laptop Fan

A woman on holding her phone while using her laptop

The cooling system of the laptop is to blame when the device heats up excessively. But overheating can be due to a lack of availability of system resources. Sometimes, your fan stops working at all and there are other causes responsible for it. 

Accumulation of dust inside the laptop through tiny air vents can jam the fans, interrupting its rotations. Take a can of compressed air and blow the air inside the laptop diligently to avoid any further damage. 

Insufficient RAM Volume

Having 4 GB of RAM is enough to carry out average computing tasks. However, if you are a programmer or a graphic designer, anything less than 6 GB might not work for you, leading to functional errors and frequent slowdowns. 

But if you have a sufficient amount of RAM and still find it difficult to multitask on your computer, there’s something else causing the issue. Check if your computer is running too many resource-heavy apps in the background and disable them to fix the problem.

Abrupt Battery Drainage 

With laptops, this is a common issue and prevents you from handling your work smoothly. If your laptop’s battery fails to hold charge for longer, check if the adapter is in good condition. Also, inspect if the power outlet is working properly. 

You might need to replace your laptop charger to fix the problem. Also, check if the charging point on your laptop is working appropriately. Take your laptop to the nearest retail store to check if there is a problem with the charger or the charging point. 

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