What is the Best MMORPG to Play Alone?

You might be searching for the best MMORPG to play alone because your friends do not share your interest in online games or just because you want some solo time to explore games.

As you might have known, MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game as the name suggests will have you interact with a lot of players not just from your region but from all over the world.

But, there are fantastic MMORPGs designed for solo players. So, let’s talk about the best MMORPG to play alone in the following sections.

The Best MMORPG to Play Alone

The Best MMORPG to Play Alone

The best MMORPG to play alone is Final Fantasy XIV. Now you might ask why as the game is designed for multiplayer.

The answer is on the latest 6.1 updates that were done to the game to make the entire game playable by yourself.

Before the update, the game had already garnered millions of players from all over the world, and with the new update, even those looking for solo play can expect great support from this game.

Why Final Fantasy XIV is the Best MMORPG to Play Alone

Why Final Fantasy XIV is the Best MMORPG to Play Alone

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1

Solo play in Final Fantasy came into fruition with the 6.1 Patch on April 12, 2022. The 6.1 updates had the “Duty Support” feature that allows players to fulfill main scenario duties with a party of NPCs.

Before, you cannot take on the dungeons without partying up with other players making playing alone difficult for solo players.

With Duty Support, players can now have a party of NPCs to clear trials and dungeons. You can also even level up your NPCs with the Trust system.

The Duty Support feature gives meticulous control to the player as they can manipulate their party member’s AI.

For example, if you want your healer to focus on healing and not attacking, you can make that happen in the game.

This is a great game design for those who want to play the game at their own pace without feeling pressured by other players.

Duty Support covers A Realm Reborn (2.0) content, Shadowbringers, and later Endwalker duties with plans for expansion to Heavensward and Stormblood duties.

Final Fantasy XIV with Massive Player Base

The massive number of daily players is another one of the main reasons why Final Fantasy XIV is the top game to play alone before and after the 6.1 Patch.

There are approximately 3 million players still playing the game in 2022 which shows how superb the contents are, hooking trust from this massive number of players.

Final Fantasy XIV Graphics

The top-notch graphics of Final Fantasy XIV is one of the reasons that make this game stand out among other online games.

The graphics are designed by artists with experience in the field of game development and 3D design which makes them look photo-realistic.

This means that even if you are playing alone, you will not feel like you are playing an online game as the graphics are that good.

Final Fantasy XIV Other Reasons as Top Game for Solo Play

Apart from the main reasons, other factors make Final Fantasy XIV the best game to play alone such as enjoyable side content, great community, and optional PvP.

These features make the game even more attractive for those who want to enjoy their time playing an online game solo.

Other MMORPGs to Play Alone

Other MMORPGs to Play Alone

Aside from Final Fantasy XIV, if you are a player who wants to diversify your game experience, the following MMORPGs are great additions to your list:

Maple Story

Maple Story is an amazing choice for solo play with its 2D sidescrolling graphics and simple but fun gameplay. You will not get bored with the various things you can do in the game as a solo player.

You can go on quests, dungeons, and raids or just explore the vast world of Maple Story.


RuneScape also supports solo play with its Ironman Mode where you will be literally on your own. You can skip the multiplayer option with the Ironman mode.

Most of the story content is also playable without being in a group making this game one of the great choices for solo play.

You can play RuneScape on your mobile phone is that is your preferred platform.


Rift is another game that supports playing alone. Your character can level up alone without relying on a party to finish quests.

There are game contents that still require a party though like raids and dungeons.

Albion Online

If you’re looking for a game that will allow you to solo play not just on the leveling aspect, Albion Online is an excellent choice.

In this game, the crafting aspect allows you to play alone where you have the option to create your island to farm and fish.


Skyforge is a free MMORPG that also supports solo play. You can go on missions alone and PVPs for solo experiences.

There are harder contents though that you can quickly clear by partying up with other players.


With Final Fantasy XIV’s Duty Support system, playing alone has been made possible. Furthermore, the rich in-game content, massive player base, constant updates, first-rate graphics, and engaging story content makes it the top choice for solo play.

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