How Does Virtual Reality Gaming Work?

Virtual Reality (VR) has expanded into the gaming world, offering incredible immersive gaming experiences closer to reality for gamers all over the world.

VR has become an exciting point of advancement not just for gamers but also for businesses that see the fantastic potential of the virtual world.

You might have seen VR headsets on videos while scrolling through your phone, tried using one before, or even already purchased one and are curious about how it works.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the world of VR gaming, how it works, and other things related.

What is VR Gaming and How Does it Work?

What is VR Gaming and How Does it Work?

VR Gaming is a type of gaming that uses a VR headset to create an immersive experience for the player by stimulating their senses.

The player can see, hear, and interact with the game environment as if they are actually inside the game.

How does this work?

It all starts with a video game console or computer that creates the VR game world. This is done by using a special type of software called a game engine (like Unity or Unreal Engine).

The game engine makes it possible for the computer to create realistic 3D environments with lighting and sound. Once the game world is created, it is then sent to the VR headset through a cable or wirelessly.

Different Types of VR Gaming

Different Types of VR Gaming experiences

With the development of VR gaming, several platforms support VR games as follows:

VR Gaming on the VR Headset

You can actually play a lot of games from the actual headset. On the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset you have a shop with tons of games which include a fun Jurassic Park VR game, as well other familiar titles like Beatsaber and Superhot. There is even a VR MMORPG that you can buy which is rather interesting.

Gaming from the actual VR headset is fantastic as there are no cables involved (unless you are charging while playing).

VR Gaming on Gaming PCs and Laptops

There are powerful gaming PCs and laptops that support VR headsets and allow players to enjoy VR games. The player needs to connect the VR headset to the PC or laptop using a cable.

The advantage of VR gaming on PCs and laptops is that there are many games to choose from as most VR games are developed for this platform. However, the downside is that it can be quite expensive to purchase a high-end gaming PC or laptop that supports VR.

VR Gaming on Consoles

There are exclusive console games that can only be run on a specific console and VR headsets specifically designed for the console. A great example is the Sony PlayStation VR which can be used for different PlayStation Games.

On the other hand, Vive Cosmos Elite is known to be best with Xbox Console VR gaming.

VR Gaming on Smartphones

There are a lot of VR Headsets that support VR Mobile Gaming. With the use of Android or an iOS app, you can enjoy VR-supported mobile games. Some VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR even allow you to insert your mobile device into the VR to experience immersive mobile gaming.

What Do You Need for VR Gaming?

What Do You Need for VR Gaming?

The following are what you need for VR Gaming:

VR Headset

The VR headset contains two small screens that display the game world in 3D. The player wears the VR headset and is then able to look around the game world just like they would in real life.

The VR headset also has sensors that track the player’s head movements and make the necessary adjustments to the game world accordingly.

Some VR headsets also have built-in headphones for an even more immersive experience.

The Meta Quest 2 (previously known as the Oculus Rift) and HTC Vive are among the high-end VR headsets that cost around $299 – $600.

The Meta Quest is actually the cheapest option as you can get the Quest 2 for just $299.


To interact with the game world, the player uses a controller that is specifically designed for VR gaming.

The controller tracks the player’s hand movements and translates them into actions in the game.

For example, if the player wants to pick up an object in the game, they would simply reach out and grab it with the controller. This can also be done via your hands as the camera’s can sense your hands.

When you buy a VR headset, it is expected that you get 2 controllers included in your purchase.

A Space to Play the VR Game

Playing VR games will require you to move so make sure you have ample space for movement and all the breakables are away from you. Some VR headsets will have you put sensors within a room.

On the Meta Quest, you can put your position to stationary as well which is perfect if you don’t want to move around.

Top VR Games

Top VR Games

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best VR games on the different platforms:

Meta Quest VR Games

As of writing this, these are the most popular titles for the Meta Quest:

  • Beat Saber
  • Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
  • Job Simulator
  • Superhot VR
  • Onward

PC or Laptop VR Games

Among the top VR Games to Play on a gaming PC or laptop are:

  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
  • L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

Console VR Games

Among the top VR games to play on consoles are:

  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Real VR Fishing
  • Beat Saber
  • Rez Infinite

Mobile VR Games

Among the best VR mobile games to play are:

  • Incell
  • Cartoon Village
  • Relax River

VR Gaming in the Future

VR Gaming in the future is full of exciting possibilities. With the continuous development of technology, it is expected that there will be more immersive and realistic VR games.

It is also possible that we will see cross-platform VR games that can be played on different VR headsets and platforms like your favorite top mobile MMORPG.

This would allow players to enjoy their favorite VR games with friends regardless of what type of device they are using.

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