Are 60 Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Yes, 60 Keyboards are good for gaming is the short answer. While the lack of keys of a 60 keyboard can become a challenge for some who are used to the presence of complete keys for skill combos and game shortcuts, its space saver function and ergonomic design for comfort make it a great choice for gaming. If this does not convince you yet, we have researched about 60 keyboards and how they can revolutionize the gaming experience. Keep reading the following section to know more about 60 keyboards.

Key Takeaways:

Despite fewer keys a 60 mechanical keyboard delivers several advantages in gaming in terms of comfort, space-saving feature, and fantastic portability. It can become a challenge to get used to the missing keys but after you get used to the programmed keys and combos you will have an enhanced gaming experience with more benefits.

About 60 Keyboards

About 60 Keyboards

So what are 60 keyboards? A 60 mechanical keyboard lacks mechanical keys including the navigation keys, the F-keys, the number pad, and the arrow keys compared to full-size gaming keyboards. As the name suggests, 60 means the size is way compact and 40% smaller than a full-size keyboard and only has 62 keys. Together with the tenkeyless or TKL keyboards, 60 keyboards are one of the most popular compact keyboards of choice for gamers.

Advantages of Using 60 Keyboards in Gaming

Advantages of Using 60 Keyboards in Gaming

We have mentioned the key advantages of 60 mechanical keyboards above mentioning the space-saving function, comfort with the ergonomic design, and portability. Let’s explore further and see how a 60 keyboard can be of great advantage for gaming as follows:

Increased Desk Space with Compact Design

With fewer keys, a 60 percent keyboard is way more compact than a full-size keyboard. The small form factor with essential keys of a 60 percent keyboard offers a great advantage with the limited desk space. A full-sized keyboard with 108 keys can take up a lot of space on your desk and limit your movement.

With more room on your gaming table, you can add more gaming accessories and place some handy items near you on your gaming setup. You can also place your keyboard at any angle convenient to you and have ample space for mouse movement during intense gaming sessions.

Comfort During Long Hours of Gaming

The compact design of 60 mechanical keyboards can help reduce the strain on your gaming mouse hand and wrist. Without the number keys on the 60 gaming keyboard, your mouse hand is closer to the keyboard compared to other keyboards with more keys.

The natural position of your hand with the compact key layout can help reduce fatigue and pain during long gaming sessions. The absence of the number keys and function keys also means there are lesser keys to press which can be another great advantage for comfort.

Most 60 percent of keyboards come with an ergonomic angle design that can support your wrist while you are gaming and offers a comfortable position. The lower profile of the keys can help reduce the strain on your wrist. With a more natural position of your wrist, you can game for hours without any discomfort.

Some 60 keyboards also come with a detachable wrist rest that can provide additional support and comfort.

Fantastic Portability for Gaming On The Go

The compact size of a 60 percent keyboard makes it a perfect travel buddy. If you like your gaming keyboard to have the flexibility to be carried wherever you go, be it to your friend’s house for a gaming session or if you’re on a vacation and would not want to miss a gaming event.

Aside from the normal wired connection, a 60 gaming keyboard can also come with wireless connectivity with a USB-C connection for fast charging. The availability of wireless mode on top of having a smaller keyboard adds to the convenience of transport without dealing with annoying wires.

How Does 60 Percent Keyboards Work with Fewer Keys?

How Does 60 Percent Keyboards Work with Fewer Keys?

Without the other keys, you might wonder how a 60 percent keyboard works. The answer is simple. The keys are still working the same, and you can access all the functions you need by using modifier keys. The modifier keys include the Shift, Fn, Control/Ctrl, Alt, and Windows/Super key. For example, to type numbers on a 60-keyboard without a number keypad, you have to press the Fn key and the letter keys to produce numbers. The same goes for other characters such as question marks, exclamation points, and quotation marks.

You can also use modifier keys to access other functions such as media playback, RGB lighting, volume control, brightness adjustment, and navigation keys. To do so, you have to press the Fn key along with the corresponding function key.

With the help of modifier keys, you can still access all the functions you need without sacrificing the compactness of your keyboard.

60 Keyboards for Gaming Genres

60 Keyboards for Gaming Genres

Different gaming genres require different keys for shortcuts but you can always remap the missing keys. Let’s take a look at how a 60 percent keyboard performs in the different gaming genres as follows:

60 Keyboard in MOBA

Most MOBA games have a lot of hotkeys for spells, abilities, and items. MOBA games usually utilize most of the alphanumeric keys along with Alt and Ctrl keys. A 60 percent keyboard can be the best keyboard for MOBA as it offers the perfect key layout for games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm.

60 Keyboard in FPS Games

First-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Halo 5 require a lot of quick reflexes and fast keypresses. A 60 percent keyboard can offer the perfect gaming on 60 keyboards to FPS gamers as it offers a fast response time and the compact layout helps to reduce hand fatigue.

60 Keyboard in MMORPG

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and The Elder Scrolls Online require a lot of hotkeys for spells, abilities, and items. A 60 percent keyboard can offer the perfect gaming experience as it offers easy access to all the keys once you have programmed the macro keys. You can also use the keyboard on multiple devices where you can access the game such as your mobile device or tablet.

60 Keyboard in RTS

Real-time strategy games such as StarCraft, Warcraft, and Command & Conquer also require various hotkeys for skills, spells, abilities, and items. A 60 percent keyboard can offer the perfect gaming experience during long hours of gaming with the comfort of the compact design and you can also map the keys to your preference for a competitive edge during battles.

Conclusion: Is a 60 Keyboard Good for Gaming?

A 60 percent keyboard despite the missing keys still offers the best of both worlds, a great balance between gaming performance and convenience. 60 keyboard uses mechanical switches with lightning-fast responses. The smaller footprint can give you more space on your gaming desk compared to the common layout of 100 percent keyboards that take more space.

The design of a 60 keyboard is also made for comfort for the vast majority of gamers who are engaging in long and intense gaming sessions.

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