Needed Equipment For Streaming On Twitch For Beginners

Twitch is one of the best go-to streaming platforms for streaming video games with around 1 billion visitors that tune in every month. With such a great number of users, streaming on the Twitch streaming platform has now expanded to different niches such as music, art, and any other things you love to share with the world.

With the right equipment for streaming, you can start to build your streaming career on Twitch.

An excellent streaming setup and top quality streaming equipment will enhance your overall stream quality and help you garner new followers.

We have researched the needed best streaming equipment from various Twitch streamers to guide you in building a solid basic streaming setup.

Below, we have highlighted the needed equipment to stream on Twitch. You might also want to check out some of the equipment links within the content to direct you to the best of the best of each category.

Streaming Headset

Streaming Headsets

A top-notch streaming headset quality is highly needed for live streaming. Your quality headset should provide the comfort of lengthy stream time.

Furthermore, your headset should be able to provide outstanding sound quality, with brilliant background noise reduction, and wide compatibility with streaming platforms.

If you prefer a setup without using an extra microphone, there are steaming gaming headsets with exceptional built-in microphones that will help you deliver crystal clear communication to keep your viewers entertained.

You can check out our recommendations on the best streaming gaming headsets.


Streaming Microphones

When you start streaming, delivering the best audio quality is a must. Your followers will stay longer in your live streaming session if you have a crispy and clear voice.

You can find great built-in microphone quality in most streaming headsets. But, if you are into a setup where you want an extra microphone as part of your beginner steaming setup rather than a headset microphone, then there are microphones specifically designed to help you excel in streaming.

The different types of microphones that you can check out include XLR microphones, Condenser Studio microphones, dynamic studio microphones, shotgun microphones, and lavalier microphones.

If you’re into serious streaming, XLR mic or External Line Return Microphone is your top choice. This high-quality microphone produces professional sound quality and the best audio experience but requires a learning curve for the setup. You will need an audio mixer and the right audio connector for both the microphone and audio interface.

Condenser Studio Microphones as part of live streaming equipment setup for gaming are popular among professional streamers as the audio source. These microphones produce well-rounded and clear audio. The main downside of this microphone is that it requires a power source to work. If you’re considering this microphone then you should also check out phantom power which is one of the best power sources for a condenser mic.

On the other hand, if you are using a shotgun microphone, this type of microphone can be attached to the top of your monitor. This is ideal if you want to save desk space. The sound quality is also very clear with a shotgun microphone.

Lavalier microphones are small microphones that can be clipped on your shirt. This is the best choice if you want to move around while streaming or do other things while streaming.

Some of the best microphones that you can check out are as follows:

HyperX QuadCast SBuy here

This microphone has outstanding 4 selectable polar patterns that include stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional which help optimize your broadcast and keep the focus on the sounds you want to be heard.

Blue YetiBuy here

Trusted by not just Twitch Streamers but also YouTubers in delivering superb audio quality with impressive 3 condenser capsules, advanced modulation, and HD audio samples.

We also did an extensive article featuring the best cheap microphones for streaming that you can read at your own leisure if you are looking for something a little more within budget.

Microphone Suspension Stand

Microphone Suspension Stand

Using a stand-alone mic in live streaming requires you to have a stable stand that will minimize knocks or bumps sounds in your recording.

Another recommended Twitch streaming equipment for beginners is a good microphone suspension stand that does not take up much space and is also flexible to be moved in the direction that you want.

Here comes the microphone boom arm stands that you can easily attach to your desk or other streaming equipment. Microphone boom arm stands offer superb flexibility, are portable, can be easily unclipped, and can be stored hassle-free.

Here are the best microphone boom arm stands that you should consider:

Neewer Microphone Arm StandBuy here

Neewer Microphone Arm stand is highly adjustable in any angle that you want for your live streaming. This microphone arm provides superb stability with its strong springs and screws.

InnoGear Microphone ArmBuy here

InnoGear Microphone Arm has a heavy-duty steel structure that promises excellent stability and lightweight adjustable gear. This microphone arm’s feet also reduce floor vibration and protect bare floor surfaces from scratches.

PC & Monitor Setup

PC & Monitor Setup

Next in line for important streamer equipment is your personal computer. Your video game streaming equipment plays a necessary role in the success of your live streaming.

You can have one or two monitors depending on what works best for your but if you’re into streaming gaming content, it is recommended for you to have two monitors. One monitor is where you can play your favorite game while the other monitor helps you monitor your streaming activity.

Aside from monitors, the computer specs that are important for your computer setup include CPU, Graphics Card (GPU), and the system memory or RAM.

The CPU capability that you should look for depends on your streaming content. For example, playing online games and streaming at the same time requires a high-end CPU to handle smooth gameplay and uninterruptible streaming.

But overall, the best-recommended CPUs for streaming that you should consider are AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.

After the CPU, the other streamer hardware that you should look for in a streaming PC is its Graphics Card or GPU. Quality GPU means high-resolution streaming and excellent quality content that will ensnare your viewers. Nvidia RTX 2060 and AMD 6900 XT are some of the best graphics cards in the market.

The next thing to consider is your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Getting the right RAM will prevent crashing and freezing while streaming. The ideal starting point for RAM that you need for streaming is 8GB. If you’re streaming and playing, you’ll need at least 16GB.

If building your own PC sounds like too much of a hassle, then why not check out our recommended prebuilt PCs under $1000 that are capable of streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Streaming Webcam

Streaming Webcam

The clarity of your streaming video can make or break your live stream’s success. Your webcam, as one of the streamers’ gear, should be able to produce exceptional video quality and be able to deliver a seamless video experience to users.

Your webcam as a Twitch streaming equipment should also be flexible when it comes to capturing images. Regardless if you are in a room with ample lighting or a dim studio, your webcam should still be able to produce high-quality images and videos.

There are a lot of webcams in the market that you can take into account as part of your stream equipment for PC but we have listed some of the top-tier quality webcams that you might want to include in your streaming equipment:

Logitech C922x Pro Stream WebcamBuy here

This best gaming webcam has a full HD glass lens that allows you to capture HD 1080P video at 30Fps or 720P at 60FPS for sharp and vibrant HD videos.

NexiGo N60 1080P Web CameraBuy here

With a 3.6mm glass lens that can capture crisp HD 1080P videos even at a distance and has a Privacy Protection Cover for security when not in use.

Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse and Keyboard

Aside from a webcam and a computer, you will also need other essential streamer accessories like a mouse and keyboard. If you are into gaming content, using a gaming mouse and keyboard can help you achieve that pro gamer look.

One of the best gaming mice that you should consider is the Razer DeathAdder v2. It has a 20K DPI optical sensor for exceptional speed and accuracy.

As for the gaming keyboard, one of the best in the market that you might want to include in your video game streaming equipment is Razer BlackWidow Elite. It has a fast and tactile actuation that will definitely take your gaming experience to the next level.

Wifi-Adapter or Ethernet Cable

Wifi-Adapter or Ethernet Cable

If you have a wireless internet connection or are using an ethernet cable, your internet connectivity needs to be extra reliable and stable to not disappoint your viewers. It will not look good on you if you suddenly cut off in the middle of your stream because you lost your internet connectivity.

When it comes to choosing an ethernet cable, make sure that you’re getting at least a CAT6 Ethernet cable that can provide maximum speeds.

Amazon Basics’ RJ45 is the best ethernet cable that you should consider when making your computer build.

If you’re into wireless connection, the best Wi-Fi adapter should be used as part of your Twitch video game streaming equipment to make sure that you get reliable throughput and top-notch stability.

TP-Link’s AC1900 WiFi Adapter and NETGEAR’s AC1900 are among the best Wi-Fi adapters that you can find in the market.

Capture Card

Capture Card

A capture card is also an important video game streaming equipment for PC. A capture card will allow you to connect your gaming console to your computer and stream directly from your gaming console. You can also connect your Nintendo Switch with a capture card!

There are a lot of capture cards that you can find in the market as part of your Twitch streamer set up but below you’ll find 2 of the best capture cards to buy based on popularity among other streamers.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+buy here

This capture card can record and stream your gameplay in 1080p 60FPS. It also has a state-of-the-art USB 3.0 Type C connection.

Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Editionbuy here

This capture card can record and stream your gameplay in 1080p 30FPS. It is also equipped with H.264 personal video recorder.

Green Screen

Green Screen for streaming

Becoming a Twitch streamer you would want a more professional and clean-looking background. Investing in a green screen would be a good choice to benefit you and your viewers.

When using a green screen, first you need to know which streaming software you’ll be using. There can be different ways on how to set cool-looking backgrounds but for Obs Studio and Twitch Studio, there is a Chroma Key setting that you can customize for more cool-looking visual effects.

The Elgato Green Screen is by far the most popular for professionals, but if you are just starting out then the Heysliy green screen might be a better option for you.

Lighting For Streaming

Lighting For Streaming

Another streamer gear that should be on the list of your game stream setup is the lighting. Lighting equipment is not that necessary for your first stream but if you have enough budget should something to be considered as good lighting can definitely enhance your video quality.

There is even a professional-led panel that you can take advantage of for brilliant real-time videos.

Some of the best lighting products for streaming are Elgato Key Light and Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light.

As you might have noticed by now, Elgato has become a huge player in providing high-quality products to streamers, you can buy their studio light here, or you can shop for the Neewer tabletop lamp here.

Streaming App – Broadcasting Software

Streaming App - Broadcasting Software

The most needed equipment for streaming is of course the software to broadcast to the world. Part of your beginner streaming setup includes not just the hardware but also the software. The two most recommended streaming software that you can use to stream on Twitch are OBS Studio and Twitch Studio.

Obs Studio is completely free and open-source software that allows lots of customizations for you to get the best stream quality and look that you want. This has been used by a lot of Twitch streamers. You can download OBS here.

Another recommended streaming software is Twitch Studio which is also free to use and designed for less tech-savvy streamers. Twitch Studio is a new streaming software that caters to those who have just started streaming or planning to stream. Download Twitch Studio here.

Your dream beginner streamer setup will come to fruition with the right equipment to buy from the market. We hope that the list above provided you with helpful information in your search for equipment needed for streaming to get lots of followers.

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