Is Genshin Impact An MMORPG?

Genshin Impact is technically not a fully-fledged MMO but its elements combined make it closer to an MMORPG and even a top choice if you’re looking for a free-to-play MMO.

Genshin Impact’s remarkable graphics and outstanding gameplay mechanics at first glance make it no less than the best MMORPGs available to play.

Let’s go ahead and take a further look at Genshin Impact as a game in the following sections.

Key Takeaways:

Genshin Impact is not an MMORPG, it is an action RPG but with elements and features of an MMORPG game that make it an excellent choice for players looking for an anime MMO to play.

Under What Genre is Genshin Impact?

Under What Genre is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG. Players can invite up to three players to join on their quests, exploration, and grind in the fantasy world of Genshin Impact. So as you can see, players have the option to turn this game into a single-player game or an online multiplayer game as they progress in the sprawling open world.

However, Genshin Impact’s primary focus is on single-player experiences. The game has an overarching narrative that introduces the player to the various characters in the game. The story is essential to progress in the game as it is gated behind certain areas that can only be accessed by completing specific tasks.

This might make some players believe that Genshin Impact is not an MMORPG but more of an action-adventure game. But this is where things start to get a little blurry because Genshin Impact does have some MMO elements that are worth mentioning.

Genshin Impact’s Multiplayer Elements

The most significant selling point for Genshin Impact as an MMORPG is its multiplayer elements. The game features cooperative play in the form of “Co-op quests.” These are side-quests that can be completed with up to four players.

The co-op feature in Genshin Impact is heavily reliant on the character’s abilities. Each character in Genshin Impact has a unique set of abilities that players can use to their advantage while playing co-op. For example, one character might have the ability to create a fire that can be used to melt ice, and another character might have the ability to create a wind gust that can extinguish the fire.

This kind of team play is essential to progress in the game as some areas can only be accessed by using specific characters’ abilities. It also encourages players to experiment with different character combinations to find the perfect team for each situation.

Genshin Impact also features a competitive multiplayer mode called “Domination.” This mode pits two teams of three players against each other in a race to capture as many points on the map as possible. The team that captures the most points wins the match.

This model is a great way to test out different team compositions and see how they fare against other players. It’s also a great way to earn rewards, such as experience points, primogems, and heroic chests.

Genshin Impact’s MMO Features

Genshin Impact's MMO Features

Genshin Impact Multiplayer option has many of the same features and certain pieces that are found in traditional MMOs. These features include:

  • Quests: Players can accept and complete quests from NPCs to progress the story or receive rewards.
  • Grinding: Players can grind for experience points, resources, and currencies by killing enemies or completing objectives.
  • Bosses: Players can encounter and combat powerful bosses that drop rare and valuable items like in many games.
  • Trading: Players can trade items like weapons with other players using the in-game trading system.
  • Players can explore the open world with other players
  • PVP: Players can compete against each other in Domination matches.4
  • Battle passes after reaching adventure rank 20.

Genshin Impact also features an in-game economy and community that is driven by player interactions just like most massively multiplayer online games.

On what Platforms is Genshin Impact Available?

Genshin Impact is available to play on gaming consoles Playstation and Xbox. It’s also available on mobile both Android and iOS and also free to play on a Microsoft Windows PC.

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