Can You Play 3DS Games on Switch?

Can You Play 3DS Games on Switch?

You cannot play 3DS games on Switch. But, there are unofficial ways that you can play 3DS game titles through the use of an emulator and a custom Homebrew. Using an emulator or Homebrew does not even guarantee that the game will render properly on Switch. It will also be risky to install unofficial firmware … Read more

Can You Play Roblox on Nintendo Switch

Can you play Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

You cannot play Roblox on Nintendo Switch, at least for now. Roblox is currently only available on Xbox, PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. Gamers have been urging the game developers to have Roblox available on Nintendo Switch given the fantastic gaming experience where players can create games that players can participate in. But for now, … Read more

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone for Gaming

Knowing how to choose the right mobile phone for gaming greatly affects your gaming experience. Some phones are made to play games seamlessly while others can’t play games that require a lot of storage capacity. Whether you are planning to buy a gaming phone or already has a phone in mind to buy, it is … Read more

Can Steam Deck Play All Steam Games?

Can Steam Deck Play All Steam Games?

The short answer is No, Steam Deck cannot play all of the Steam Games available on PC. Though the handheld device is a powerful gaming device that allows access to players who already have an existing Steam library of games. The answer also lies in specs. There are a lot of Steam Games available for … Read more

12 Tips to Conserve Laptop Battery

Conserve Laptop Battery

There are several ways to conserve laptop battery and have your device run longer than normal before you get the pop-up message to plug your charger. If you have noticed that your laptop battery up time getting noticeably shorter then it’s time for you to apply all the possible tips and tricks to make the … Read more

How to Upgrade Your Gaming PC

How to upgrade your gaming desktop

Knowing how to upgrade your gaming PC becomes an important yet simple skill that you can easily learn for yourself. You can replace parts and then be able to improve the annoying lags and slowness that make a horrible gaming experience. Most importantly, you should also know when and how to upgrade your gaming PC … Read more

Stardew Valley 2: Everything We Know

Everything we know about Stardew Valley 2 - Haunted Chocolatier

Die-hard fans of Stardew Valley are looking into getting more information about Stardew Valley 2, and what comes next after the original hit game. Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies all over the world on all gaming platforms and it’s no wonder that there is a lot of noise for a newer version. … Read more

What is the Best MMORPG on Steam?

Best MMORPG on Steam

You can play some of the best MMORPGs on Steam as the platform is basically a PC gamer’s one stop shop when it comes to games. There are two options to play the best MMORPG on Steam, either to play for free or purchase a game up front to play. If you want to purchase … Read more

Can you Stream Mobile Games?

Can you stream mobile games?

Yes, you can live stream mobile games. There are several apps like the Twitch app available for android and iOS users to use that allow players to stream their gaming content directly. Your gaming content can benefit your friends, family, or anyone and you can start with the most convenient tool at hand – your … Read more

How Does Virtual Reality Gaming Work?

How does virtual Reality Work

Virtual Reality (VR) has expanded into the gaming world, offering incredible immersive gaming experiences closer to reality for gamers all over the world. VR has become an exciting point of advancement not just for gamers but also for businesses that see the fantastic potential of the virtual world. You might have seen VR headsets on … Read more