10 Best Cheap Microphone For Streaming And Gaming

Deciding on the best cheap microphone for streaming and gaming can be a never-ending mission. We filtered out the junk so that you’ll be able to focus on live streaming your games soundly and comfortably quickly.

Not only do these streaming microphones block out unwanted sounds. They also provide your stream with crystal clear audio so your fans can hear you without any issues.

We consider these cheap gaming microphones because they cost less than $50. The higher-end gaming microphones can cost anywhere between $200-300 so while these best budget microphones may not have all the higher-end mics’ features, you are still getting high-quality sound.

Here are the 10 best cheap microphones for streaming and gaming that won’t break your bank.

10. Zingyou USB Microphone

Zingyou's cheap USB microphone

One of our top picks for the best cheap microphone for streaming and gaming is the Zingyou USB Microphone. This affordable gaming microphone has 3.5mm output features and a latency-free audio interface. 

The Zingyou USB microphone is compatible with PC, Mac, tablets, and previous-gen consoles like the PS4. The Zingyou USB Microphone also has adjustable plug-and-play compatibility that works with Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OSX operating systems.

This cheap mic also has a built-in metal mesh cap that helps to eliminate background noise. The high sensitive electret condenser ensures you get the best sound quality possible from your voice.

As this mic is plug-and-play, your computer should instantly identify this streaming mic using a USB 2.0 port without installing any additional drivers. You also receive a head clip that keeps the mic in place no matter how much you move around.

9. Risea USB Microphone

Good microphone for streaming - Risea

The Risea USB Microphone is a budget microphone that is also plug and play and comes with a 1.5 meter USB cable. 

This streaming microphone also has a built-in tripod mic stand that can be adjusted from 8.7 inches to 28.7 inches. In addition, the Risea has an on and off switch for easy muting.

There is also a built-in sensitivity chip that avoids disturbance or background noises and increases the sound source’s isolation.

Risea’s cheap pc microphone is also compatible with PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, and even some smartphones.

8. CMTECK Cardioid Microphone

CMTECK Cadioid Microphone

The CMTECK is a cheap USB mic which is an affordable option for anyone looking to upgrade their stream setup.

Like most modern microphones, the CMTECK is plug-and-play compatible and works with both Windows and Mac OSX. It also comes with a metal mesh cap that reduces background noise, and a built-in shock mount reduces handling noise.

For the price, this is a great beginner microphone or a nice for those that want something cheap that is great for Zoom, Skype, or Discord.

7. Sudotack USB Microphone

Best USB microphone - Sudotack

Sudotack’s corded microphone is one of the most popular cheap gaming microphones currently on the market. The Sudotrack microphone has a solid condenser capsule that filters out unwanted background sound and increases the sound source’s isolation.

This stream microphone has an anti-noise system with 3 layers to reduce noise, suppress resonance, and enhance speech clarity. This makes it one of the best budget microphones for podcasting and Twitch streaming.

The Sudotrack USB microphone is also easy to install as it’s just a simple plug-and-play mic that is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and some consoles. 

6. Omoton USB Microphone

Omoton budget desktop mic

The Omoton is a good cheap microphone that is currently a popular choice among buyers. This affordable mic has a cardioid polar pattern that helps reduce background noise and increase sound clarity.

With its USB 2.0 data port, this affordable microphone connects easily to any of your devices. It also offers plug-and-play functionality for easy installation.

This best budget microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, a big diaphragm (16mm), and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz, allowing it to capture clear, smooth, and precise sound.

Upon purchasing, it comes with a tripod stand, shock mount, metal pop filter, and convenient storage bag to protect your equipment from dirt and dust.

5. FDUCE Goose-Neck Mic Microphone

FDUCE - the cheapest microphone for streaming

One of the cheapest streaming microphones on our list is the FDUCE Goose-Neck Mic Microphone. This microphone is a powerful and convenient option for anyone looking to improve their sound quality at a very affordable price point.

This budget USB microphone has always received a lot of good feedback and reviews because of its reliable, clear audio quality.

Besides being great for capturing audio, the Fduce has an RGB light design that creates a one-of-a-kind ambiance for those that love RBG setups. It is also multi-compatible with computers, PCs, laptops (Windows, MAC), PS4, and other gaming consoles.

When you purchase the Fduce USB Microphone, you will receive a desktop tripod, adjustable 360-degree gooseneck, and a windscreen.

4. RALENO Refound USB Microphone

Raleno Refound - best cheap microphone for streaming

One of the best streaming microphones is Raleno Refound USB microphone. This is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their audio setup without spending a ton of money.

This budget microphone comes with a 5.9-foot (1.8m) USB cable. In addition to that, the Raleno is plug-and-play, so you don’t have to worry about installing complicated software or spending hours trying to set up your mic on your computer.

When you purchase the Raleno Refound microphone, you will receive a pop filter, shock mount, cleaning cloth, carry case. If you are looking for an all-in-one package, this is your best option.

3. TONOR Cardioid Condenser PC Mic

TONOR Cardioid Condenser PC Mic

Tonor’s Cardioid Condenser Microphone is a cheap gaming mic that packs a punch. This microphone is very popular because of its great sound quality, professional look, and affordable price.

This budget microphone has a cardioid condenser capsule that isolates vocals, increases clarity, and reduces unwanted background noise. 

Enhance your audio on the spot, whether thats for podcasting, streaming on Twitch or YouTube, or playing games.

Along with the condenser microphone, buyers of this desktop mic also receive a shock mount and a foldable tripod.

2. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE microphone - best mic for YouTube ASMR and Podcasting

The Blue Snowball iCE is the best cheap microphone for streaming and gaming. This gaming and streaming microphone delivers crystal-clear audio quality that is light-years ahead of your built-in laptop or headset microphone. This is all thanks to Blue’s unique condenser capsule.

The Blue Snowball iCE has a stylish retro design and an adjustable desktop stand that will complement any computer setup. Musicians that want to record singing videos or YouTube ASMR videos can also benefit from the Blue Snowball as it is the best cheap microphone for singing with audio that is very crisp and clean.

Along with the microphone, buyers will also receive a headphone adapter cable and stand clip attachment.

1. Tonor TC-777 Desktop Microphone

TONOR TC-777 - the best budget microphone for streaming and gaming

The Tonor TC-777 is one of the best budget microphones for gaming, streaming, and recording. If you are looking for the best microphone that will deliver exceptional sound without spending hundreds of dollars, then this is perfect for you.

This budget microphone features a lightweight design, unidirectional audio, and includes a shock mount and pop filter. Besides PCs and laptops, the Tonor TC-777 is also compatible with the PS4 (not with Xbox or mobile phones, unfortunately).

Those looking to truly buy a microphone with high-quality audio need to look no further. Other good-quality mics will cost you a fortune whereas the Tonor TC-777 has over 20,000 positive reviews with users boasting about how amazing the audio quality is.

That concludes this list of the best cheap microphone for streaming and gaming. Most of these quality microphones can also be used for recording audio, podcasting, and business calls on Skype or Zoom.

If you’re looking for a new microphone to enhance your battle station, why not go a step further and consider upgrading your rig with a new prebuilt desktop PC?

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